A Fun Testimonial :-)))

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It is time for part 4 in my tour of how I use My Camera Room. Today I want to post a testimonial Mr. Johnsen sent me after his family shoot. First a little info: Furniture is the set first to the right in the overview from the 14th it comes from the great store Gatehouse No.1 here in Orem. The image is a high-contrast black and white with a little bit of softener over a desaturated color picture, it’s a good seller. So here is the testimonial, remember make Mom look good and give Dad some good attention. Mr. Johnson writing: I used to prefer Root Canal surgery without the anesthetic, than to have family photos done. Until we met Kenneth. Having Kenneth take our family photos was a pleasure, and with two sets of twins ages 3 and 6, was not an easy task.

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