A cloudy day made “sunny” !

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Today I want to show an image that combines 2 things I have spoken about in my blog lately. Leading lines (see Sep.24th), and the Vector 3 mill candle light lamps (see Sep.27&28th). The veil of a bride often has a tendency to look grey or blue if it doesn’t have a good backlight. On this cloudy day I added 2 “suns”. One pointed at the back of her veil, the other in an angle on her face. The cloudy day gives a soft nice light on the dress and nature. If I had used a flash it would have messed up my foreground, but also the details in the dress easily. One of many things I love about these spot lights is how I can see exactly what I do, they give you so much control. If I had added no light we would had a grey veil, dark eyes, less perspective. I just love any light–tungsten, HMI, metal hallide–that makes you truly see what you are doing. Get out there and try some new lights, car lights, street lights, store window lights…………

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