Color versus Black and White?

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I wanted to photograph the flowers by themselves, but then saw how perfect the sleeve dropped down. This is, to me, a picture that should definitely be in color. Some people think B/W is the only way to go, some are total color fans. One is not better than the other, they are just different and each have their time. Digital photography has made the choice so much easier, since we can choose afterwards! I used to bring 5 cameras + x number of backs to a wedding. Fashion and trends in people photography today is very dominated by color, just pick up any magazine. Trends come and go, before that we had a long time with B/W being the trendiest. I use walls a lot for backgrounds like this clothing store on main street in Park City, Utah. The weakness of the picture is two elements fighting for the main attention, but I like it overall.Stay open minded and never be 100% sure your first impression is right? PS. I like it when a picture can be stylish but still timeless like my green picture I posted this week that was 25 years old, still holding up.

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