Facial Analyzes

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Today I want to show you 2 images from last Saturdays Photographing People Part 2 class. Alyssa is a beautiful girl but let’s do a closer analysis of what happens to her face with two different expressions. It is amazing what changes a face makes when you go from a serious expression to a smile. Too many people judge a photo on how happy or smiley a person looks, maybe because too many people are told from the time they are kids to smile at the camera. I will comment under each picture individually.

This is a very classic but good light when normal make up is applied. Look at the size of her eyes compared to the smiley one, and also the jaw line to the right, I think she is a classic beauty.

In this smiley one we see her eyes getting smaller which is the case with most people, also look at her chin and jaw line. I always shoot for different expressions to show different sides of a person, but, yes I do love her big beautiful eyes and the clean lines in the top image.

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