Flash bouncing off the snow, 1982

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Todays Image is a scan from a slide taken back in 1982. No retouch on the file. The model is Merete Berge with whom I ran a Model Agency in Europe back in the early eighties.

The subject is the pink stockings. The grey winter day in Oslo, Norway was perfect since we wanted as little color in the image as possible besides the stockings. To add an extra punch to the stockings I bounced a flash off the snow on the ground in front of her, about 1/2 a f stop brighter then the existing light. The eye loves repetition of color so we added a little pink on Meretes lips.

The alley helps creating depth in the image. Watch how carefully I placed her head in the middle of the alley. Always look around your subject, especially around the face before you push the button. The little white space in front of her face and shawl makes it peaceful. I also wanted her to look away to draw as little attention to herself as possible.

The eyes definitely goes to the stockings first, so case solved. Camera: Nikon F3 Black Titanium, one of my all time favorites. I’m working on a slideshow of images from the 80’s, fun to dig through the past sometimes.

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