Leading lines, from where?

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I been fascinated by leading lines for a looong time. Traditionally years ago we where thought to build them from left to the subject or if we where in Asia from right to left (Asians as you probably know reads from right to left). Window decorators in the western world always built the window displays from left to right. In modern research we learn that young people today growing up looking so much at screens like phones, computers, navigation, games etc starts looking from top to bottom. So maybe it is time to look a little different at leading lines, be more open minded for different directions.The first image of the bride in the green it’s done the traditional way of building with the timber as leading line from left to right, focus is also used to not keep the eye from going past her. In the second  image of the bride in the snow the leading lines comes from the top with the trees leading into the road and down to her, and the snow in front make a great stopper.  Here is a link to a previous blog post I did in 2007 on leading lines with an example where the lines comes from everywhere leading to the subject, please check it out, good example of leading lines.

PS. Please forgive me for my lack of blogging lately, I have had 3 very busy but educational weeks in Europe teaching from Spain to Norway, and a great job as Jury Chairman for The Norwegian National Competition 2010.

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