Lighting with Green Laser Pointer

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It’s important to have FUN with photography so you will keep loving it. A while back I bought a green lazer pointer on the street in Sitges, Barcelona for Euro 20 (about $27). It was very well spent money. When my lighting book comes out it will have soooo many different ways of lighting. More then any other lighting book on the market I think?

Here you have an image of the laser pointer, best money spent that day?

Michal Tomaszewicz and myself enjoying our new toys 🙂

Designer and Stylist Keith Bryce, maybe you seen him on Project Runway?

Great Norwegian Photographer Anna Tora in a different light.

PS. All green portraits shot on iPhone 4 on a balcony late at night.

PSS. Warning, be very careful about pointing lasers at peoples eyes, I try to move it fast back and forth and use smaller weaker multiple point, but maybe I should not be doing this?

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