“No Secrets”

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Today I had the great opportunity to attend PhotoCamp Utah 2009. It was very special to me, and I also gave a short presentation in the part called “Ignite”. Since it was more meant to inspire then to teach, I choose one short theme before my slideshow, NO SECRETS! Today’s image is the main slide my wife made for me for the presentation. One of the best decisions I have ever made when it comes to photography is to be completely open about my Photography rather then having “secrets”. When I moved to Utah for the first time in 1983 it was to work as a Stills Photographer at The Osmond Studios. One day one of the owners took me to visit a Photographer in the valley who was ” The Photographer ” in the Valley at the time. I remember how protective he was about what he was doing and didn’t even let us into his camera room from what I remember. For the next 7-8 years I just assumed Photographers don’t like other Photographers! Oh how wrong I was! So for the next years I was not very involved with other Photographers, but one day back in Norway I got involved with an association and learned how wrong I had been. I also decided to become a “No Secrets” Photographer. That decision has truly helped me soooo much to progress in my profession, get so many great friends, teach in so many countries etc. to truly be a happier and better Photographer. It is amazing how other Photographers open up when you do! When it comes to the Photographer I went to in 1983, he is still in the Valley, one of many, I think even his logo is the same as in 1983, his Photography is about where it was then. I wish he could have enjoyed the blessings of “No Secrets” and enjoyed all that comes with it, maybe someday? Thanks to everyone involved in PhotoCamp Utah 2009, it was an emotional thing to me, to see and enjoy so much sharing and openess among Photographers in the very same Valley. What a great bunch of people, THANKS!

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