Photographing Dr. Stephen R. Covey

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Yesterday was my birthday and I spent lots of time responding to almost 400 greetings on FB. It gave me time to reflect on how much so many friends have influenced and guided me. It was a great day.

In the afternoon my wife MaryLyn came home and told me Dr. Steven R. Covey had died. One of the most influential people on earth. When I was at his house to photograph him for the cover story of Utah Valley magazine in 2009 I had a wonderful experience photographing him.

When we where done and packing up the equipment, Dr. Covey asked if he could help us carry some equipment to the car!!!! It blew my mind, he was 75 and a super star, but he wanted to help me carry stuff. One of the things I remember him telling me while we where there was how he recently had been to India to train their government leaders on how to work together. India got more then 1.2 billion people, this is just one example of the influence he had on leaders of nations and so many more. His best selling book ” 7 habits of highly effective people” has sold more then 20 mill copies!!! Who knows how many his other books have sold.

In the last 15 years or so I have started to take what I call mental pictures, photographing with my mind special situations I want to remember. That day at the Covey’s house the picture I took to keep in my mind was very powerful and special. When we where about to leave Dr. Covey’s wife Sandra came to say hello. She was in a wheelchair due to an accident. While we talked ( I had photographed Mrs. Sandra Covey a few years earlier in their home.) He was standing close to the wheel chair, then I saw something beautiful, they where holding hands in the most beautiful way, so much closeness and love. One part of me wanted to take out a camera, the other side of me made a better choice to engrave an image on my mind.

I been reflecting on what made me want to take this balcony picture while I was there. The one thing is how they love the view of the Provo LDS Temple. Looking at it again this week I think this is mayby what it was? In Norway the king and his family every independence day May 17th stay on a balcony at the castle and wave to all the people in the parade going bye. So here is my thoughts. Dr. Covey was an absolute king of his profession so her he is a kind of a king on the balcony.

I want to end this blog post with my favorite image from the shoot. Dr. Covey really have the personality coming though in his kind eyes, you can see his good sense of humor. So for an image of Dr. Covey I think I got him here? I converted the image to black and white to see how it worked? I did not like it as well, maybe because he was such a colorful warm person. The second image here I made in B/W to give you an idea of what I think.
Later on reflecting on the shoot, which probably was about 20 min long. I remember thinking and telling a friend. Can you believe I got 20 minutes of Stephen Covey’s life!
Thank you Dr. Stephen R. Covey for being such a great and positive influence to mankind, but even a better a fantastic father, grandpa,  great grandpa and husband leaving a great heritage.

I’m so grateful for all you people that I have met and left me with great memories and joy.

I believe in eternal life and that we can be together again some day. Dr. Covey’s also believe so and that faith must be the best comfort the family can have during such a hard time.

RIP Dr. Stephen R. Covey
PS. Forgive my english, it’s my second language 🙂

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