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Photography is so much about timing for the right expression, light, etc., etc. One of my VERY favorite times to photograph is shortly after the sun goes down. Right after it goes down you get the soft nice directional light from where the sun went down, then comes the blue 🙂 In Norway we would have what we called the blue hour, a whole hour most of the year to still photograph after it was down. This is a perfect time for tungsten spots. In this bridal image, photographed at an old sugar factory in Idaho, I also added a bunch of candles inspired by my dear friend, Indra Leonardi (Indonesia), one of the best photographers in the world.

I used a Vector 3 mill candle spotlight with an 8×10 diffusion foil (see my blog, Sep.28th named: Here is the lamp I told you about yesterday!) Back light is another Vector light with no diffusion held by the make up artist one floor down! The balance to get the blue evening sky and everything timed right lasted for maybe 3 min? In this part of the world it gets dark so fast, so it is more like the blue 10 minutes. I was ready when the sun went down, and just test shot and waited until the TIMING was right.It helps to have a patient customer like beautiful Amanda was, she loved it, bought a 20×24 inch print from this exposure. Thank you for helping me make one of my all time favorite images.

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