Travel tip 2 – Protecting your camera from theft etc.

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Today I want to share a tip for traveling and protecting your valuable camera.

I’m sure you like me sometimes while traveling end up in some places you don’t feel too good about walking around with $ 9000 in your hand. Also walking into many interesting environments with a big gray lens like this things often change. That’s why best travel shots often is taken with a point and shoot because life goes on and people don’t pay much attention to you.

The first step of increasing safety from theft is to wrap the camera strap around your wrist, but let me show you something I came up with years ago that have worked very well for me.

A grocery bag, yes that cheap and simple. People don’t see your camera, it is protected from dust, sand and water. I still hold on to the strap or wrap it around my wrist. Enjoy your travels, and thanks to Devin from Kenny’s Photo for modeling for me.

PS. I always travel with my camera in a hard case Pelican case. I also always travel with hard case suitcases, and lock up my valuables in them when I stay in Hotels, or in a Hotel safe. A camera case is to obvious.

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