If you can’t get good light in the eyes?

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Looking into dark eyes is like an auto focus camera pointed at a white wall, it spins back and forth. When we look at people with no light in the eyes we react about the same way we keep searching for contact in the eyes but don’t get it. So my simple rule is, if you don’t have great light in the eyes have them look anywhere but in the camera!

This particular engagement shot is one of my all time favorites, see how even looking down you know how happy and in love they are. I carefully framed them inside the mountain to not have disturbing lines though their faces.

The title of the blog is ” If you can’t get good light in the eyes? ” I know that with the right equipment and time we can always get good light in the eyes, but sometimes it’s moments that happens fast etc. In my workflow of shooting an engagement like this one I typically work like this: When I’m in a spot with great light I make sure to take good eye contact shots. If lets say the light change fast and the mood is good I have them look at each other or away, kiss, hug, etc.etc This way I get a good mix of style and emotions.

Hope all is well, I don’t feel I’m very good at expressing myself this Monday morning, but…. 🙂

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