Dark + Ugly Wall + Green Backlight = Case Solved

I’ve been posting several shots from my classes done after sunset with tungsten spots and great blue sky in the past. Last Saturday after the nice blue with tungsten was done I told my students how they can use store windows and lit up walls etc for backgrounds after it gets totally dark outside. I saw this really ugly wall with a greenish outdoor light lighting it up. I thought this would make a great example of ugly turned nice. So I first positioned my model so the lamp backlit her and gave her great hair light. Then we used a Vector 3 mill candle light lamp from Target ($45) with a homemade 8×10 diffusion screen for main light. In the middle you can see the image straight out of camera, it is shot on AWB, 200 mm. 2.8 800 ISO. I told my students this needs to be made black and white or sepia. We could also of course have filtered our spotlight green, but…… The final image is run in Linge’s Workflow Actions PS 1.03 BWPerfect. I love making something nice out of the worst places, and using spots rather then flash after sunset is GREAT FUN!!!

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