Digitalfest 2007 @ Pictureline in Salt Lake City Day 2

What a blast! Working again with Leanne Freedman, Supermodel of the World 1997, was so much fun. She brought her Smart car as a prop and it tried to steal the attention but when Leanne walked out in her black gown into the parking lot, there was no denying who got the attention! We’ve posted these three photographs, the first is shot with a silver reflector and “normal” camera settings, the blue headshot was shot on the tungsten setting, and the warm headshot was photographed using a 650 watt Lowel fresnel spot which gives a nice warm glow. All photos during these two days were photographed using the Canon EOS 1D Mark III. Thank you Pictureline and your amazing staff for putting together a professional, informative and fun experience for all of us at Digitalfest. And a special thanks goes to David Perry, of David Perry Films, who graced us with his talented presence and shot footage of the day. You can check out David’s awesome work at

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