Expanding window light with inexpensive daylight bulbs!

In last week’s Photographing People Part 3 class we had a lot of fun playing with a bunch of different light sources. When we come to part 3 it’s time to put into practice what the students have learned in Part 1&2. They work 2 and 2 together spending 45 minutes at different workstations with different kind of lights. They trade off shooting and assisting. This is a great way for them to experience how an assistant can help improve their work. MaryLyn and I go from group to group giving input. Class by The International School of Photography.

The workstation in this image is window light with several great tools to help them. Reflectors including a black reflector for subtractive lighting, daylight bulbs with or without a silver umbrella and a diffusion screen if the sun comes and hits the window directly. We also have a metal halide lamp for daylight at a different work station.

In this image the window light was not strong enough and we wanted it to wrap the light more around the face so she could look more straight towards the camera without getting a dark side of the face. This was achieved when we added the 4 daylight bulbs Lisa is holding right inside the window, increasing and extending width to the light. The bulbs are very reasonable if bought in the right place. I love getting great light and results with simple and inexpensive methods. It’s also fun for the students to come home with new great ideas that don’t take thousands of dollars to put to work.

PS. So I added a “finished” image as requested. My Photoshop expert is busy with a magazine deadline, so I ran a file through our workflow action “ColorPerfect” so it’s  a one click file. What is the biggest difference with our actions is that they are made for normal workflow not effects, except a couple of them. The set is called: Linge’s Action Packed PS 1 v.1.03 Price US$ 175. It might add some sleep to your life 🙂

PSS. Here is a link to the holder etc .

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