Hannah Montana in Fresno, California

Last week I had an amazing trip to one of my favorite places, Santa Cruz, and then on to the Hannah Montana Concert in Fresno. It was so fun to see my 12 year old daughter and her friend enjoy themselves to the max. They even got to meet Hannah at a meet and greet 🙂 It sure was a younger audience than at the Ozzy concert in Oslo, Norway in June. I could not bring my Canon 1d Mark III inside so I brought my little point and shoot Canon TX-1. I want to show what a great little camera it can be, 1/125sec f4 ISO 400 no flash. Original file ran through Linge Action Color Perfect. Music is such an amazing thing, and I love to watch talented people whatever music or art form it is. Thanks so much to FM 100 in Utah for providing us with 4 tickets, airfare and hotel.

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