Saturday’s Class was a Blast!

Thank you for a wonderful time Saturday. It was such a great group of people.
In today’s blog I want to show you an important but VERY often missed principle. When we photograph people with wide angle lenses ( in this case @27mm ) we need to try to get the face parallel to the lens if want them to look good, and not distorted. The way our model, Kathleen, is leaning forward looks strange in the picture to the left, but in the finished image it all works out well. I’m so glad we got a nice sunny day, since I love photographing with high sun in cities. We got great reflective light off buildings, etc. I will blog another example or two from the class later. We will be having at least one more Photographing People part 1 class before part 2 in March. A big thanks to Rich Legg for the overview photo showing how the picture on the right was taken!
PS. I just saw a great blog from Satuday’s class inn Scott Smiths blog!
Check it out!

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