What happened to INTEGRITY in Photography!!!!

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What happened to honesty and integrity!!! This is such a growing PROBLEM! We as teachers of photography need to make it very clear to students how shots can or should be used from shoot outs, seminars, workshops or whatever you choose to call it! Its great to post that you been attending a learning experience and show your clients you know that learning never ends and that you take your profession seriously, but then use overviews or indicate that it is not “your shot”! that you took it over the shoulder or standing next to the teacher??? Honesty PLEASE!

I have had many workshops all over the world where people as a part of the workshop get models to shoot, but then one on one with assistant(s) as needed under their instruction! Then it becomes their to use. Don’t deceive clients and other people about who you are and what YOU are capable of and can do on your own!!! It should NOT be very hard for a “Photographer to be able to determine if they fully created, and image themselves or NOT! If in doubt maybe this guideline will help in deciding what is your work? I suggest you read Professional Photographers of Americas rules for entering their competition.  Here is one sample point # 5: No entry will be eligible that has been made under the supervision of an instructor or as a class assignment.

INTEGRITY PLEASE let’s not ruin this great profession. It’s getting very infected, SADLY!!!!! YES, I’m upset!!! (but I did wait 30 minutes to cool down after my upsetting surfing, which I should before I posted)

PS. Thank you my students for making sure you are writing it when it’s a workshop shot. I always recommend my students take overviews in addition to the “similar shots as mine” they might choose to shoot.That combination is the best way to remember and learn from. I personally usually bring a little point and shoot to seminars I attend.

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