Arthur Elgort

Here comes my first recommended photographer of the year, he is one impressive Photographer. 

I will try to be better this year to blog once a month a recommendation of a GREAT Photographer to keep an eye on and learn and be inspired by. You will find more recommended Photographers in my Archive if you wish to see. Arthur Elgort turns 70 this summer and is still going strong shooting for Vogue etc. Hopefully we will enjoy new work from him for many years still like Irving Penn, George Hurrell, Richard Avedon which all kept producing great photography in their 70’s and 80’s.

Arthur Elgort (b. 1940 in New York) is a fashion photographer, who has become especially known for his work as a Vogue photographer

Arthur Elgort was born and raised in New York, where he studied painting at Hunter College. Over the past 30 years, Arthur Elgort has become a well-known fashion photographer working for Vogue Magazine and for numerous international fashion labels.

In September 2008, he told Teen Vogue that he credited Mademoiselle magazine for his big break: “They were really brave and gave me a chance. It was the first time I was shooting a cover instead of a half-page here or there.”

Arthur Elgort’s works are exhibited in the permanent collection of the International Center of Photography in New York, in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London as well as in the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas.

Before you go to his official website look at his recent shots for the March 2010 issue of Spanish Vogue, what an amazing Photographer he is.

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