Hip, Cool Couple

Congratulations to Emily and Nate on their upcoming wedding! We had a blast shooting your engagement photos. Great choice for your announcement photo. Now some technical info for all you photographers: being a modern and hip couple, we chose to shoot this picture blue using the tungsten setting on our Canon EOS 1D Mark III. The couple is sitting inside cement pipes. One of the challenges was bright light coming in between the cracks by their heads. We solved that by covering the crack with a blanket. Then we reflected a flat but flattering style of light by using a silver Photoflex reflector. To acheive the blurred background we shot at f4.5 and made sure that Nate and Emily were parellel to keep them both in focus. The lenses are generally sharpest at one stop down from full opening thus the f4.5 choice. The lens we used was the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L-IS. This photo was shot at 85mm. P.S. Emily was a recent student at our three day wedding photo workshop (education at kennethlinge.com.), we had a blast! Thanks Emily.

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