Keep it simple, but beautiful!

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This image of the beautiful model Veronica B. was taken at the WPPI trade show in Las Vegas a few months ago. I was having a great time working for Mitsubishi Paper. Veronica is standing in the middle of the busy isle full of traffic, so how did I solve it to keep the focus on her? 85mm f1.2 and 2 Vector lamps from Target costing only $45 a piece. One assistant is hiding behind her, doing the back light, then my wife MaryLyn is holding the other lamp about 45 degrees to the right, diffusing the lamp with a 8×10 frame with diffusion foil in it. Very cheap, very effective and FAST way to pull of a shot in difficult circumstances and with little space. I will post a picture of the lamps etc. with some more info tomorrow. Doing magazine work and fashion with time pressure have caused me come up with some fast techniques.

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