Here is the lamp I told you about yesterday!

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Working on a movie in Paris in 1982 ( yes, I am getting old)  I was introduced to portable battery powered tungsten lights and I been in love with them ever since. The lamps we used cost A LOT of money and most of them spread the light a lot and were usually only useful late in the day, evening. Long story short, about 6 years ago I was at a Target store and saw these lamps saying 3 million candle lights (a terminology normal in the movie business not in photography) I thought wooooow that is bright, and bought one to test it out. Since then I’ve been hooked.

It is so bright in the middle, I diffuse it, bounce it, sometimes use it clear, but be careful with people’s eyes if you get close. Mostly I diffuse it with the difussion foil covered 8×10 inch frame you see in the picture. If we want the light bluer, since it is about 3400K, we use the sheet of 1/4 blue conversion foil, the more we fold it the more blue it gets. Have fun using it, wonderful to take away raccoon eyes on cloudy days etc., etc………

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