Lighting that ROCKS!

Lighting that ROCKS! How you can set yourself apart by lighting well. This is part of my newest lighting program first presented Monday this week for The Dutch Institute of Professional Photography in Utrech, The Netherlands. In this image you can see how I use as many as 3 back lights on Jamie. The middle ones main purpose is to do the hair and edge her. The two on the sides are also hitting her face and shoulders and earrings in a strong way. For my main light I use a small reflector with a grid straight on to just hit the very middle of her face. It is hand held by my assistant since it needs to be SO VERY EXACT and any little movement in Jamie and it will need readjustment. Fill light is a silver umbrella. You can see it all in the overview image (The overview is shot on a black background a few minutes before we changed background and outfit for todays main image.) This “Lighting that Rocks” section also goes into my Photographing People Part 2 class from now on. Elinchrom is my main supplier of strobes.

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