London Workshop was a blast, I love midday sun!

I’m just back from 2 weeks in Europe meeting some great Photographers and new friends, Great as in Great Britain 🙂 Today’s blog is from my Workshop at the Fresh Academy in London, England June 2nd. I got what I wanted bright midday sun! When you can be in cities or anywhere with buildings it is my favorite time of day for people photography. Of course I loved the never ending sunsets I had in Norway, but I love a challenge. People always told me how midday sun is the worst, so long ago I took the challenge to be good at it. Especially because I often HAD TO photograph then, Weddings etc. NOON is not necessarily at 12 o’clock like most people seem to think. This day the sun was at it’s highest at 12:59. I strongly recommend the iPhone application Darkness to keep track of sun positions etc. (Thanks Mike Jeide) This picture was taken at 12:12. It is a great time to shoot on one side of the street where you will find a little shade, on the other side the sun will be bouncing across to you. I like to keep the subject close to the sun where it is also a lot of good light coming right from inside the sun area. Try to watch a face as a person walk from shade towards sun and see how it change when they get close to the edge. Also added a little Photoflex Softgold reflector. The warm little touch + the cold blue background help adding depth and dimension. The Image is ran in Linge’s PS Workflow Actions, ColorPerfect + auto contrast on face to give it an extra punch. Thanks to all you wonderful people attending this workshop, look forward to more English Breakfast soon?

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