How to Make a Bride Appear Taller

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I think all brides like to feel and look tall and show of as much of their dress as possible. In image number 1 I just had Shawna stand on a couch in my studio. That made it possible for the dress to get a drop down and show of more of it. I also put her one leg up to create a diagonal to get more lines in the image.

Image number 2 which is taken with a  Canon 14mm F/2.8 is an old image from The Salt Lake City LDS Temple, you can see how tall and nice the bride Alicia looks, she is a short and beautiful woman. The way the dress drops and the camera tilt give us a feeling of a tall bride. Every time i see her I say: How is my 7 ft bride? She likes it and have a great big copy of the image in their home.

I also shoot with a little lower camera angel to give them more length, but makes sure they don’t tip away from the camera, but rather towards it to avoid distortion. Especially important when the bride is close to you.

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