Merry Christmas 2008…….etc…..

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Dear Readers, so it is time for the yearly Christmas Blog. It’s been a crazy year, crazier then normal, but I’m still alive and here. We opened crazy InStudio Photographicsincluding fixing most of the 8880 Sq Ft up woooooooow. Got started on the PhotoInjection European Tour 2008/09, and on and on….. Thanks to all you great people out there, the year is worth remembering. One of the biggest changes in my photography life this year have been the discovery that family pictures can be fun and cool, also to take. Big thanks to Henk van Kooten for his inspiraton with that and so many other things. InStudio have given me so many great new photographics possibilities, just think about it, My Main Camera Room is 90 ft long with hard wood floor, that is just 4 ft short of an NBA basketball court. Yes I do use more confertable shoes to work now. Enough bla bla bla, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! I think todays illustration by Sigmund Sontum represent my moment good, if they could all stand still like those snowmen…. :-)))))

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