Photoshop Actions and Plug-ins

I decided about 12 years ago to keep my main focus on working hard to become a better photographer rather then spending my life in Photoshop. To do so you need to still know what can be done in Photoshop and to make sure you have good people that can do it for you. I always make sure to learn what is new in the new versions like CS 3  and 4…etc. so I know what can be done to a file. Todays image, which I shot today of a High School Senior, is one I did in a couple of minutes on the computer. First I ran the original file through the Linge Workflow Action, ColorPerfect, then I opened the file in Nik Color FX Pro 3.0 and processed it with the glamour glow filter + I got 2 minutes of help on her lips from my assistent Lindsey C. When this image is given the full treatment by my Photoshop expert number 1, MaryLyn, I know it will look much better, but I wanted to show you what can be done just with the right tools and without a lot of “how to” Photoshop knowledge.

Straight out of camera file. Canon EOS- 1Ds Mark III. 70-200mm.f2.8L @ 175mm and f.9.0 ISO 100.

File ran through Linge Workflow Action ColorPerfect and NIK Color FX Pro 3.0 Glamour Glow filter

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