Mount Timpanogos Oct. 1, 2009

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Excuse me for being more personal then photographic today. I grew up in wonderful Asker, Norway a 25 minute drive from Oslo along the Oslofjord. It’s right by the ocean but still close to the mountains. About 91% of Norway is considered mountainous.

I know live in beautiful Utah famous for its red rocks and skiing. Always since I first visited here in 1983 I wanted to get a picture I liked of Mount Timpanogos. It’s the mountain up the hill from The Osmond Studios where I first worked when I moved here in the 80’s. It’s also the mountains I can see from my house today after I moved back here in 2000. Timp as we often call it rises to an elevation of 11,749 feet (3,582 m) above sea level. This picture is taken on my way home from work yesterday, in a park along Center Street. I’m standing about 4700 feet (1,432 m) above sea level. What a powerful experience it is to look up at this beautiful mountain so high.

5 minutes after this picture was taken the sun on the mountain was all gone, today 24 hours later almost all the snow is gone. I think the ultimate magic of this mountain is days like yesterday, when it is nice and green in the park, fall on the mountain side and snow on the tops. Just wanted to share this image I wanted and now I feel I got. Please have a wonderful week end wherever you are, mountain, ocean or whatever it may be. More then anything I see, I love and enjoy difference.

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