Cool but Cheap Background

I have been in love with metal and glass backgrounds for years. Office buildings often have some cool metal entries or pillars. When I opened my InStudio Photographics last year I wanted to get some metal backgrounds into my camera room. So off to Metal Mart I went, I got a couple of nice things but the one I want to blog about to day is just a very reasonable 4 x 8 foot metal sheet, think it was around $30? I like to use it bent as you can see in the overviews. You can also make it like a U, etc, etc. The lighting in this sample is interesting enough. For fill I send a strobe into my neutral grey ceiling to create a light similar to a cloudy day. The nice thing is it doesn’t reflect in the metal since it comes from straight above but it does give nice light in the hair and shade areas. For a main light I used a metal halide lamp 5500K.  It’s coming in close and low to not cause disturbing reflections in the background. It is just barely stronger than the fill from the ceiling. Hope you all are having a great week end.

PS. New classes added, including a 3 day Wedding School 

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