Should you say NO to shoots sometimes?

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I think one of the best qualities a photographer can have is to know your own limits at the moment, when it comes to take upon yourself jobs. It’s NO limit how far you can go, but is it sometimes better and more right to pass it on? I remember years ago saying no to a job to photograph a lamp catalog. I new somebody else that was really good at that, then I passed it on to him. I got a little % from the other photographer and asked if I could go with him on the shoot to learn and assist. What a great “free” seminar!

Once I said no to an Art Director to do a complicated food shot. I recommended 2 different experts on food photography with kitchens in their studios etc. I said please come back to me when it’s anything with people. A week later he gave me a whole clothing line to shoot! Have integrity and it will pay back. One of my proudest moments was when I quit as the drummer in a band  because I could see I was the weakest part of the band. I felt good, I saw it, reacted on it myself. The other band members are still among my best friends. PS. And I enjoy playing drums just for fun at home some times 🙂

PS.This image was taken in the mid 90’s. It’s retro time 🙂 Nikon F3 Titanium, Nikkor 20mm 2.8 No retouch, scanned from original slide.

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