Undertease Fashion Shoot, PMA etc.

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Hope all is well? I’m just back from Las Vegas consulting and training Photographers for The Little Chapel of Flowers. What a great company, so organized and you better be when you do about 4000 Weddings a year!!! I also got to go to PMA for a day, fun to find some fun new lighting equipment, will come back to that later in another blog. What I wanted to mentioned about this shoot is mainly about the background used in the left and right image. It is material I found at a local shop, bought 1 1/2 yard for about $10 🙂  I want to have new and different backdrops all the time, doing it this way make it much more possible then always wallpapering, painting and buying expensive photographic backdrops,. I do that also, but this really work in addition for some quick reasonable renewing 🙂

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