PhotoCamp Utah 2009

It seems almost wrong to write about a great event that is already sold out, and it did in such a short time. I’m sad for those of you who will miss out and excited for the 275 of you that got a seat. This event has really impressed me, I know most of the people behind it and love and admire the energy, love and passion they have for Photography. I strongly believe this is just the beginning  of a great tradition is Utah Photography. This event really go across all kinds and levels. This concept should be a great event to do in any state or country. Go to to check it out.

It is so important to share and learn from each other, be friends sharing the same passion. If you open up instead of having “secrets” people will open up for you and you will all be better from this. I have truly experienced this being able to teach in so many places in the world. I as many of you wait to the last minute with so many things, sure glad I didn’t when it comes to signing up to this one.

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