Leading lines!

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Leading lines are a very powerful tool to help draw the attention to the most important part of your subject. Look at the railroad tracks, which very easily could be disturbing, how they lead you straight to the subject; so … Continued

One more be ready!

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I was sitting at a cafe in Trinidad on a break from my workshop when this kid suddenly popped up behind the fence. My favorite lens Canon 70-200mm. f2.8 was shot on AV, set at 1/3 f stop under. Camera … Continued

White background ?

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It is amazing how much cool stuff graphic designers are doing with your work these days. Here is one example from a fashion shoot I did on yes, a white background. Graphic design by Justin Britton. Hope you all are … Continued

Be ready at all times!

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I always try to bring at least a little point and shoot camera in the car. If you bring your big one, make sure to have it set on some automatic setting so you can be ready fast. Well, todays … Continued