f stops and lens choices

In my last Photographing People class I was telling a student how she really needed to get a longer lens to get a more professional look on some of her work. I had just photographed Nathalie with my 70-200mm f.2.8 @ 160 and f 2.8 ( see left image) when I thought I would hurry and take a picture more like what she would get on her lens. I also had to shoot from a higher angle (a mistake almost all people do when the photograph children), because otherwise I would get all kind of problems in my background from the wider lens. In the first I shoot more into her face and am on her level with good contact.

The one to the right is shot at 75mm f 9.0. It sure is important to me to choose the right lenses and f stops to look different and better then most people do, even with the same light. Notice the background blur with the longer lens, yes it was shot on 2.8 so yes the 75mm shot would be a bit more blurred if shot on a lower f.stop. Both pictures are processed with one click in Colorperfect, the most useful workflow action we have in the Linge Action Packed PS 1 Workflow actions. It vignettes nicely and corrects very well, saves us about 80% of our time in Photoshop. The Actions set sells for US$ 175. To buy a set fill out the contact form to the left.

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