Midday Sun, another tip :-)

Midday sun solutions. This image is from a wedding I did in The Canary Islands. The sun is high and it’s hard to light them without interfering with what’s between them and me. Too bright for my spots etc. A mirror would have  been the best “try”. My personal rule photographing people outside is: If you can’t get good light on them, don’t have them look in the camera! Dark eyes looking at you is like an autofocus hitting a white wall, you just keep searching and searching without getting contact.

If I had wanted an image with eye contact, I would have kept the camera frame, but moved them close to me on the right and added some nice light on them, maybe also a diffusion screen over their heads (a California Sunbounce Sun Swatter would been the ideal one, since you can keep it so high and out of your shot). If you know me, you know I love photographing in midday sun, and it is one of the main things I teach.

A second thing about this image: I got low to get more lines, but mostly to get their heads clear of the ocean line to keep it peaceful between them.

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