Saturday’s Photographing People Part 2 was FUN!

Last Saturday we had another Photographing People Part 2 class, it was really FUN! Such a great group of people. I did Part 2 with more demonstrations then in the past and it worked very well. These images are from the very end of the day after the sun is down, in the first image you see some of the students photographing our great model Jennifer with a Lowel 650W Fresnel Spot as main light, and a Vector 3 million candle backlight. The second image is a shot I did so you can see what they are getting. I have the camera set to 4200K to get a warm evening sun feeling (Lamp is 3200K). Among many things this class goes through a lot of light sources and modifiers most photographers normally never see. It is the advances part of the 3 part Photographing People series before the Part 3 work Shop. For more information see

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