Tungsten light and camera settings after sunset

One of my favorite times to photograph is shortly after the sun is down. When I lived in Europe it was nice and blue for about an hour after sunset, it’s called the “Blue Hour”. Here in Utah it is more like 15 min, so this will differ a lot with where you are. Here is my students from Saturday’s class outside right by my studio photographing on tungsten setting to get it extra blue early after sunset. We used one tungsten spot behind for backlight and one in front. They are balanced nicely for the tungsten setting. Thank you Lindsey for freezing for us 🙂 To set the camera on tungsten gives you an early start on the blue, but when the sun have been down for awhile I like to shoot on daylight setting, with warmer skin tone then of course. Manual setting for 4100-4300K seem to end up as one of my favorites, gives you something good in between colors. Color temperature, and how to create more depth and dimension in your images by controlling it is one of many things we talk about in the Photographing People Part 1-3 classes. I have used portable tungsten lights now since I worked on a movie in Paris in 1982, one of my favorite tools when the time is right. What you see is what you get.

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