Think About What You Wear

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I love black clothes, but there’s more then one reson to wear black. Look closely at this image and behind the wedding couple you will see my wife, MaryLyn, who just finished photographing them walking down the main isle. I … Continued

Leading lines!

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Leading lines are a very powerful tool to help draw the attention to the most important part of your subject. Look at the railroad tracks, which very easily could be disturbing, how they lead you straight to the subject; so … Continued

Hip, Cool Couple

Congratulations to Emily and Nate on their upcoming wedding! We had a blast shooting your engagement photos. Great choice for your announcement photo. Now some technical info for all you photographers: being a modern and hip couple, we chose to … Continued

Photography Rocks!

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Be Inspired — Welcome! This blog is about sharing. I will share ideas, inspirations, techniques and random thoughts that make my day. I invite you to join me on the photographic journey that is a big part of my life. … Continued